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SHOPLINE is seamlessly connected with formidable tools like Google Ads, Google Shopping, and Google Analytics. Link your SHOPLINE shop to engage and attract your desired audience as they browse the web.

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Showcase your products at no cost across a variety of Google services such as Search, Shopping, display, and YouTube.
Connect your shops to your advert accounts to set up cost-effective Performance Max accounts and expand your brand's online presence.
Sync your data, orders, and stock on Google with SHOPLINE's Google Merchant Centre integrations for a uniform customer experience.

Integrate your Google and GMC accounts effortlessly with SHOPLINE

Manage everything seamlessly within a single SHOPLINE account by simply connecting your Google account, which in turn links your Google Merchant Centre automatically.

Fully compatible with the world's leading search engine

Real-time product syncing
  • Link your SHOPLINE account to your GMC and all product data specifications will be updated in real-time.

Simple tag management
  • Any product tags you establish in SHOPLINE will be automatically synchronised to your GMC, enhancing the precision of your digital advertisements.

Maximise your advertising budget with SHOPLINE Smart Ads

Register bulletproof accounts
Set up unblemished Facebook, Google, and TikTok accounts that won't face blockages.
Design and refine
Initiate Facebook and Instagram advertisements directly from your SHOPLINE dashboard.
Ensure your account remains secure
Avoid unnecessary diversions to Google's backend; everything is manageable directly within the SHOPLINE platform, offering simpler management and accessibility.
It's called Smart Ads for a reason
Round-the-clock algorithmic fine-tuning allows you to expand or halt underperforming adverts.

Benefit from SHOPLINE's alliance with Google

SHOPLINE proudly stands as an official Google Partner. Our enduring and collaborative bond ensures that we benefit from customer docking services, while our merchants enjoy exclusive assistance from the Google team.

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