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A male in a plaid shirt and a curly-haired female colleague at a computer discuss sales of B2B wholesale items, including teacups and pillows.

Digitise your Wholesale Business and Sell everywhere from anywhere

With the help of the SHOPLINE digital system, the short-haired white lady more efficiently introduces the categories of goods to the long-haired girl in blue and provides quotations for wholesale goods.

Sell B2B and B2C

Provide wholesale and retail customers with a unified e-commerce platform, which can not only meet the demands of retail customers but also wholesale buyers.

Realise the full potential B2B ecommerce with integrations

SHOPLINE has powerful multi-functional API opening capabilities which unlocks your B2B business with ERP, CRM, OMS integrations automating your business.

E-commerce for lady sellers uses SHOPLINE's diverse API components on the computer screen.
SHOPLINE's data tracking feature will not only record inquiries from newsletter group visitors but also record activity trends and sales data in a report image.

Track your success with SHOPLINE B2B

SHOPLINE provides merchants with the ability to analyse inquiry data, so that every visitor and inquiry is recorded. The conversion rate are clearly presented in the form of reports, providing directions for the optimisation of your business.

Manage your products with multi-dimensional settings

Personalised product display
  • Image and Video product display and custom product detail fields for your business needs.

Manage in bulk
  • Supports bulk upload products, bulk product edits, one-click duplications and listings.

Download product info
  • Include downloadable information for your product like images, and quotes for your customers.

Set tiered pricing & minimum order quantity
  • Include downloadable information for your product like images, and quotes for your customers.

  • The minimum order quantity can be set for a single product to avoid having a low-profit margin of a single order is too small, resulting in the inability to cover the cost.

SHOPLINE's multi-dimensional settings will help e-commerce sellers manage batches through personalized product displays, such as downloading Rasy Table profiles and setting tiered pricing and minimum order quantities.

Smart inquiry forms to revolutionise your business

Customisable form
  • Customise your inquiry form and decide which information you want from a buyer.

Flexible form configuration
  • Set up your form and have it in any corner or any page of your website.

Smart notifications
  • Receive inquiries in real-time so the negotiations begin right away.

Batch Inquiry
  • Give your customers an option to have multiple products in one inquiry.

Data tracking
  • Track visitors, source of traffic, inquiry numbers and more to get accurate buyer purchasing needs.

Inquiry Data Panel
  • Know the number of visitors and conversion rate data and trends so your business directions are controlled by you.

A blonde lady in a white shirt ultimately helped her boost her sales figures by using SHOPLINE's innovative inquiry form feature on her computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2B business?

B2B (business-to-business), a type of electronic commerce (e-commerce), is the exchange of products, services, or information between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers (B2C).

What is B2B & Wholesale Solution application?

B2B & Wholesale Solution application is a B2B foreign trade solution that integrates inquiry service, tiered pricing, and minimum order quantity. Shopline provides a b2b eCommerce platform for those merchants to improve their conversion rate with it.

What are the application scenarios of B2B & Wholesale Solution?

You can use this application to empower the following kinds of business scenarios on B2B e-commerce platform:
1. Enabling inquiry services (Enquiries) for online stores and products, receiving inquiries from customers, and managing them.

2. Enable wholesale functions, including:
— Setting volume pricing for products, with different prices for different purchase quantities.
— Setting minimum order quantity for products can limit the minimum quantity that a user can purchase for a single style.

3. Additional functions:
Bind product attachments (e.g. manuals, product quotations, etc.) to products, so that users can download the corresponding documents from the product details page.

How do I select the right B2B e-commerce platform for my business?

The complexity and size of your company will influence what e-commerce platform is the best fit for your business needs. It ultimately depends on your business model and what you are trying to accomplish. There are many B2B e-commerce platform options out there, like SHOPLINE which offers partner ecosystems that can meet your online shops' needs.

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