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Why Should Home and Furnishing Brands Adopt an Omnichannel Approach?

Take a seat in the future
Whilst home furnishings traditionally focus on bricks-and-mortar shops, the industry's future is evermore digital - the e-commerce furniture market is projected to rise to GBP 30.58 billion by 2030. Contemporary furniture enterprises should establish an online presence to capitalise on this trend.
Sell with brick and click
Your customers seek furniture inspiration from all avenues - trading both online and in-store ensures your clients encounter your furnishings whilst browsing the web and can also visit your shop to appreciate them firsthand.
Stay atop your sales, regardless of your offerings
Provide a first-rate customer experience irrespective of your merchandise - our solutions enable you to market items such as settees, beds, carpets, and duvets universally.

Be The Architect Of Your Business's Next Stage Of Growth

Lay your foundations with a robust e-commerce site

Utilise our drag-and-drop website builder to tailor one of our responsive themes to your business's requirements - then establish your site with potent conversion, operations, and analytics tools for growth.

Connect with renowned marketplaces

Integrate your home furnishings site with local online marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee to seamlessly manage your sales throughout the web.

Establish your presence on social media

Social media is the latest catalogue for the most sought-after furniture design trends - sell alongside captivating community content to secure sales on your customers' preferred platforms.

Craft the ideal customer experience

The customer journey comprises numerous elements across various channels - SHOPLINE's omnichannel platform assists you in piecing everything together for sustained growth.

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