Transform your vision into reality with tailor-made Print-on-Demand solutions

Craft customised products effortlessly and sync them with your online shop. All orders are expertly managed and promptly shipped to your customers, ensuring worry-free sales.

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Seller is managing orders for her jewelry and necklace e-commerce site with the help of the dropshipping innovative commerce platform
Step 1
Design distinctive creations and apply them to a diverse range of products, including clothing, accessories, and mugs.
Step 2
Once you've crafted your product, upload it to your SHOPLINE store to commence selling.
Step 3
Upon order confirmation, our platform automatically dispatches the order to the supplier to initiate the printing process.
Step 4
The supplier will then dispatch orders to your customers on your behalf from local production hubs.

Save costs with no minimum orders, expensive equipment and unsold inventory

By fulfilling products from global hubs only when your customers place orders, you pay solely for what you sell, eliminating the need to maintain inventory levels or construct your own manufacturing facility.

The website's store page shows 5 product display blocks. The carrier will display more details of a gray sweater and an additional order button when the user clicks on the product display page.
In the left area of the product customization, there is a pink short sleeve and a light yellow short sleeve. After completing the pattern customization, add the selected apparel to the e-commerce store website using the add button.

Streamline product manufacturing, allowing you to focus on managing your business

We collaborate with our partners to oversee the entire production process, providing you with a profitable inventory pipeline that grows in tandem with your business expansion.

Stay ahead of the curve by efficiently managing your orders

Our platform simplifies POD order management, enabling you to modify or cancel orders, reorder prints, and regulate your printing expenditure via our dashboard, so you can concentrate on managing your business.

The user uses the cell phone to display four different product blocks. The product customization page is on the left side of the page, and the view order button is in the bottom left corner.
The courier delivers the package to the customer. The customer gives the seller a 5-star rating at the end of the order dispatch.

Ensure secure and timely product deliveries to enhance customer satisfaction

SHOPLINE's network of logistics gateways and partners ensures swift, dependable, and resilient deliveries, safeguarding your business against supply chain disruptions.

Craft exquisite products that captivate your customers with our robust design tool

  • Personalise text, size, and colour to create unique products;

  • Enhance your products with graphics and images;

  • Effortlessly arrange visual elements to create on-brand content through drag-and-drop functionality.

For the store, the product design page has three modules, custom style, custom image, and live preview. The Hola font on the light blue short sleeve is being modified on the test design page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is POD?

Print-on-demand (POD) is a fulfillment business model in that suppliers provide the products with printed logos, patterns, etc. from customers when orders are finished. With print-on-demand e-commerce, SHOPLINE allows merchants to present more sets of customized content for customers to choose from, in line with consumer trends in overseas markets.

What products are good for POD?

POD has a wide range of customized solutions in various segments. The POD app in SHOPLINE aims at diverse kinds of products, such as fashion & clothes, jewelry, gifts, contact lenses, and home accessories, etc. Customers are supported to customise the products, which could further increase the conversion rate, unit price, and repurchase rate.

What custom features are supported by POD?

SHOPLINE print-on-demand supports a variety of customization options, including picture effect and text effects, multi-level option functions, text fill functions, form functions, upload file functions, etc.

What's the value of POD business mode?

Due to the current epidemic, consumers pay more attention to the quality of life, and the suppressed emotions have made them focus more on personalization, which extends to different emerging shopping demands. Thus POD is a form of meeting consumer demand. Google Trends data shows that POD is still on the rise, perfect for new sellers.

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