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10 Best Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategies

Let's get real for a second: launching an online store is easy! If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur in the UK, it’s highly likely that with us at SHOPLINE, you’ve been doing it well already! 

The real challenge? Driving traffic and converting visitors into delighted customers.

But here's the good news - with smart content marketing, you can master those challenges and level up your e-commerce success.

This pumped-up guide will explore the ten best content marketing power moves to attract, engage, and convert more customers. It's time to bring your A-game and start serving up some seriously shareable content!

1. Optimise Product Pages

Your product pages are the heart of your e-commerce store. They need to convince visitors that your product is worth buying. Optimise these pages by:

  • Writing detailed product descriptions - Include critical features, specifications, usage tips, and benefits. Use bullet points to break up big blocks of text.

  • Adding high-quality images - Showcase your products from multiple angles. Include zoomable images so customers can inspect details.

  • Embedding videos - Demonstrate how a product works via tutorials and unboxing videos.

  • Adding customer reviews - Build trust by showing real customer experiences.

  • Comparing to alternatives - Explain how your product outperforms competitors.

  • Linking to related products - Suggest add-ons, accessories, and complementary items.

  • Crafting compelling product pages entices visitors to add items to their carts.

2. Create Comparison Content

Help customers understand why your products are superior by creating comparison content like:

  • Brand vs brand comparisons - Compare your brand’s products to competitors in terms of price, quality, features, etc.

  • Good vs. better vs best comparisons - Explain the key differences between product tiers you offer.

  • Beginner vs. intermediate vs pro product comparisons - Describe which products suit each experience level.

  • New vs old model comparisons - Showcase upgrades and improvements on your latest products.

  • Comparisons help customers see where products overlap and what makes yours the better choice.

3. Write In-Depth Guides

Go beyond just describing your products by creating in-depth guides on broader topics. For example:

  • For a clothing store, write a guide to dressing for your body type.

  • For an electronics store, create a guide to setting up a smart home system.

  • For a jewellery business, make a guide to cleaning and caring for different stones.

These guides demonstrate your industry expertise. The more helpful advice you provide, the more customers will see you as a trusted resource rather than just a store.

4. Share Customer Success Stories

Promote your products in an authentic way by interviewing happy customers. Ask them:

  • How do they use the product in their life/work?

  • What problems it solved for them?

  • How it improved their experiences?

  • Why do they recommend it to others?

Feature these stories on your blog, social media, and even product pages. Adding relatable stories builds trust and boosts conversion rates.

5. Create “How To” Content

Many customers look for “how to” advice before making purchases. Create content that teaches them new skills and how your products can help. Ideas include:

  • Makeup tutorial videos
  • Cooking class videos
  • Crafting project tutorials
  • Home improvement guides
  • Electronics usage tips

This practical content shows customers what they can achieve with your products. Position your brand as their guide through the entire process.

6. Give Sneak Peeks

  • Build excitement by giving customers sneak previews of upcoming products and collections. Share:

  • Behind-the-scenes product development content - Photos of prototypes, videos of products being made, interviews with your designers, etc.

  • Pre-launch photos and videos - Give exclusive first looks at products before they hit your store.

  • Announce upcoming collections - Share theme and product previews before collections launch.

This insider content makes customers feel like VIPs with access to special perks.

7. Go Live on Social Media

Live streaming on social media is a hot trend - use it to your advantage! Promote your products by:

  • Filming live shopping sessions - Show products up close while discussing features and answering questions.

  • Hosting live Q&As - Build rapport with customers by chatting with them in real time.

  • Broadcasting events - Stream video from product launches, fashion shows, craft workshops, cooking classes, etc.

The interactive nature of live video helps you connect with customers in an authentic way.

8. Launch a Podcast

Podcasting continues growing in popularity. Launch your own show to:

  • Provide industry tips and advice - Position yourself as an expert.

  • Interview inspiring customers - Share success stories.

  • Give product overviews - Discuss new launches, demos, and use cases.

  • Highlight company news - Share business milestones and announcements.

  • Answer customer questions - Build relationships with listeners.

A branded podcast lets you connect with customers and share your passion!

9. Create an Email Course

Nurture leads by creating a multi-lesson email course such as:

  • A makeup tutorial course for a cosmetics brand.

  • A photography tips course for a camera retailer.

  • A travel advice course for a luggage store.

  • A cooking course for a kitchenware store.

Deliver weekly or monthly lessons showing how your products help achieve goals. These courses build anticipation for your product launches and establish your expertise.

10. Curate User-Generated Content

Customers create amazing content featuring your products themselves. Curate and re-share it!

  • Repost great product photos/videos shared by customers on social media.

  • Feature user-submitted reviews and testimonials.

  • Run contests for customers to submit content and win prizes.

  • Share customers' works created with your products, like recipes, crafts, makeup looks, etc.

User-generated content feels more authentic and genuine to other shoppers.

Creating remarkable content takes effort but pays off by boosting your e-commerce sales and brand awareness. Use these content marketing tips to attract and engage customers across every stage of their buyer journey. For more ecommerce tips, explore the SHOPLINE UK blog.

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