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Streamify AB becomes live shopping partner for SHOPLINE – Asia’s leading e-commerce platform

Asia’s leading e-commerce platform, SHOPLINE, aims to reach new market shares in Europe and in connection with this, Streamify AB (“Streamify” or “The Company”) has become a unique supplier of the live shopping platform. SHOPLINE has over 500,000 customers in Asia and over 2000 employees globally.

The partnership opens up large market shares when Streamify’s platform for live shopping, in the form of an add-on module, is offered to SHOPLINE’s existing customer segment of 500,000 Asian and, subsequently, European brands. The Streamify platform will primarily market to Enterprise customers.

Since its inception in 2017, Streamify has worked for a scalable mass market adoption of live shopping. Streamify’s application becomes unique in SHOPLINE’s offering, and with this automatic DIY solution, the two companies take significant steps towards making live shopping easily accessible to more people. As communicated before, Streamify’s ambition is to conduct strategic partnerships to position the company as a mass-market product in a cost-effective way.

"Through the partnership with SHOPLINE, we reach customers of all sizes to create powerful shopping experiences. The self-running solution, which we will launch shortly, means that our teams can continue to focus on tech development and significant brands and simultaneously offer a combination of our live shopping and SHOPLINE’s first-class e-commerce platform. It’s only natural for e-businesses to search for additional functionality with their e-commerce provider" says Johan Klitkou, CEO of Streamify.

SHOPLINE could be described as Asia’s equivalent to Shopify or Woocommerce, the current market leaders in the US and Europe. SHOPLINE offers a cost-effective and proprietary in-house manufactured solution. The collaboration with Streamify will, in the future, result in joint market activities and offers and contribute to increased profitability.

"SHOPLINE has rich social commerce and marketing tools that enable merchants to trade most effectively online. We partner exclusively with apps ahead of the game in their given field. That is why we’ve chosen to align ourselves with Streamify, a disruptive and innovative platform that allows our merchants to provide engaging and holistic content to the consumer. We’ve built a tightly bound integration that allows our merchants to benefit from Streamify’s capabilities through all our services" says David Meakin, Head of Partnerships and Solution Engineering.

The partnership means an opportunity for Streamify to offer its service to SHOPLINE’s regular customer segment and new customers. The collaboration is made possible with the help of Red Dot Live and Marcus King.

About Shopline
With 500,000+ brands and over 2,000 employees worldwide, SHOPLINE is a leader in cross-border selling, payments, marketing, and logistics. Founded in Hong Kong in 2013, key investors to date have included San Francisco-based 500 Startups, Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, Singapore-based venture capital firm Golden Equator Capital and Hong Kong-based CDIB Capital.

About Streamify
In 2019, the internationally scalable Streamify platform was launched – a unique digital platform that enables anyone to sell products via Live video shopping and pay-per-view tickets through live broadcasts. Streamify’s shares are listed on the Spotlight Stock Market under the abbreviation STREAM, and the share’s ISIN code is SE0015244462. More information is available at and

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