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20 Black Friday Ecommerce Ideas To Try in 2023

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with consumers looking for the best deals online and in stores. For e-commerce businesses, it represents a major opportunity to drive sales and acquire new customers.

20 Black Friday Marketing Strategies for your Ecommerce Store

With the right preparation and strategy, you can make the most of Black Friday for your online store. Here are 20 effective Black Friday e-commerce ideas and tips to implement for your business this year:

1. Start Planning Early

Black Friday may still be months away, but it's never too early to start planning. Analyze what worked and didn't work last year, and begin preparing your promotional strategy, inventory, marketing assets, and operations. The earlier you start, the more polished your campaign will be.

2. Offer Site-Wide Discounts

Site-wide discounts are one of the best ways to capitalize on Black Friday excitement. Consider offering percentage discounts like 15-25% off sitewide or $10 off all orders over $50. This encourages larger order sizes. SHOPLINE’s promotional tools make it easy to set up site-wide discounts.

3. Highlight Top Selling Products

Draw attention to your best-selling items or products with the deepest discounts by calling them out on homepage banners, category pages, and product descriptions. This nudges customers towards your most profitable items.

4. Bundle Products

Product bundles allow you to move more inventory while offering customers a good deal. Identify complementary products like cameras and memory cards and sell them as discounted bundles. Or, offer bundles that give customers the opportunity to build their own.

5. Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is highly motivating for consumers. Offer free standard shipping on all orders for the duration of your Black Friday sale or on orders above a minimum spend. You can set shipping rules easily on SHOPLINE.

6. Highlight Limited Time Deals

Time-limited deals create urgency and incite action. Offer flash sales on select items for 6-12 hours. Display countdown timers on site so customers can see the deals ending soon. SHOPLINE’s promotion tools make setting time limits straightforward.

7. Give Top Customers Special Treatment

Show your loyal customers extra appreciation by giving them early access to Black Friday promotions. Send them exclusive discount codes 1-2 days before the sale begins for extra savings on their purchase.

8. Offer Tiered Discounts

Encourage larger order sizes by offering progressively higher discounts when customers spend more - like 10% off $100, 15% off $150, and 20% off $200+.

9. Run Social Contests and Giveaways

Grow your audience and brand awareness by running Black Friday social contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes. Require participants to follow you and share a post for additional entries. Promote the contests in your email marketing too.

10. Share Teaser Content

Build excitement by sharing Black Friday teasers leading up to the big day. Post sneak previews of the discounts shoppers can expect or products that will be on sale. Email teasers to subscribers, too.

11. Launch New Products

Attract attention and increase buzz by unveiling new products on Black Friday. Offer introductory discounts on the new items to hook shoppers on these products.

12. Highlight Reviews and Testimonials

Sprinkle testimonials, reviews, and ratings prominently throughout your site and product pages. This provides social proof that sways purchase decisions.

13. Offer Low Price Guarantees

Ease customer concerns about getting ripped off with a low price guarantee, like “Find it cheaper elsewhere and we’ll refund the difference!”. This reassures shoppers they are getting the best deal.

14. Extend Your Return Policy

To reduce purchase anxiety, consider extending your standard return policy over Black Friday / Cyber Monday. For example, allow 45-60 days instead of the usual 30.

15. Hold a Cyber Monday Sale Too

Cyber Monday is the next biggest shopping day after Black Friday. Keep the spending going by launching a Cyber Monday sale with fresh deals and incentives like lower free shipping minimums.

16. Promote on Social Media

Leverage your social media channels heavily leading up to and during your Black Friday sale. Create shareable posts, videos, Instagram Stories, and Live broadcasts to spread the word. Link to your online store for easy purchasing.

17. Send Dedicated Emails

Send promotional email blasts specifically about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Send the first emails a few weeks before the sale, with more emails in the final week building urgency.

18. Create FOMO

Capitalize on customers’ fear of missing out by promoting limited quantities of doorbuster deals. For example, advertise just 20 units of a hot item at an unbeatable price to create buying frenzy.

19. Highlight Payment Options

More payment options at checkout increase conversion rates. Ensure popular payment methods like PayPal and Apple Pay are prominently displayed. Emphasize secure checkout for peace of mind.

20. Plan for Spikes in Traffic

Anticipate a significant surge in site traffic around Black Friday. Work with your hosting provider to ensure your site can handle the influx of visitors trying to shop the deals. Slow-loading sites result in abandoned carts!


Black Friday presents a huge opportunity for e-commerce businesses to engage customers, move inventory, and acquire new shoppers through enticing deals and promotions. Just be sure to start planning early and to provide real value through your Black Friday sale - not just discounts for the sake of discounts.

Implementing even some of these tips will help you achieve greater success this Black Friday season. Feel free to tweak and tailor these ideas to suit your unique business and audience. Have a prosperous Black Friday!

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