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Black Friday Marketing Ideas That Actually Work

With thousands of retailers promoting Black Friday deals, it can be challenging to make your promotions stand out. You need high-impact marketing ideas tailored to your business and audience.

14 Black Friday Marketing Ideas

In this guide, we’ll walk through effective Black Friday marketing strategies and proven tactics to drive traffic, boost engagement, and maximize sales for your e-commerce store.

1. Start Promoting Early

Begin promoting your upcoming Black Friday sale 2-3 weeks in advance to generate buzz and anticipation. Here are early promotion ideas:

  • Send “sneak peek” emails highlighting top deals.
  • Post teasers on social media and your site.
  • Run contests for free products with Black Friday clues.
  • Offer early access to deals for loyal customers.
  • Launch countdown timer on site showing days to sale.

2. Craft Captivating Emails

Send promotional emails to advertise your best Black Friday discounts:

  • Send emails daily/weekly in the week leading up to the sale.
  • Highlight doorbuster deals in subject lines and preheaders.
  • Use urgency triggers like “24 hours left!” and “Ending soon”.
  • Include strong calls-to-action to shop the deals.
  • Offer coupon codes for extra savings in emails.

3. Amplify on Social Media

Heavily promote your sales across social media for maximum visibility:

  • Create eye-catching graphics and videos showcasing top deals.
  • Go LIVE on Instagram/Facebook to promote flash sales.
  • Ask followers to tag friends who would want specific products.
  • Share user-generated content of your products.
  • Post countdowns, teasers, and reminders leading up to the day.

4. Run Sweepstakes and Contests

Grow awareness and engagement with social contests and giveaways:

  • Run contests asking users to comment, like, and share to win prizes.
  • Giveaway your most popular products.
  • Partner with influencers to run collaborative giveaways.
  • Offer tiered prizes to increase shares and tag friends.

5. Leverage Influencers and Affiliates

Partner with relevant influencers and affiliates to tap into their engaged audiences:

  • Send free products for influencers to feature in Black Friday hauls.
  • Offer increased commissions during the sale.
  • Provide creatives, sample posts/emails, and promo codes.
  • Confirm timing of promotional posts and content plans.

6. Retarget Site Visitors

Bring abandoned visitors back with targeted retargeting ads:

Create ads showcasing previously browsed products.

Remarket visitors who added items to cart but didn’t complete purchase.

Use retargeting platforms like Google and Facebook for precision targeting.

7. Optimize Site for Conversions

Reduce friction in the buying process to boost conversions:

  • Show trust badges, security seals, and guarantees for credibility.
  • Enable guest checkout and offer multiple payment options.
  • Make calls-to-action copy urgent - “Order in the next 10 minutes to get your discount”.
  • Show limited quantity and low stock warnings to prompt action.

8. Go Big on Paid Ads

Scale up paid advertising campaigns to bring in a surge of traffic:

  • Expand keywords and raise bids for Google Shopping and Search ads.
  • Increase budgets for Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • Create dedicated Black Friday ads with top deals highlighted.
  • A/B test ad creatives, copy, and placements.

9. Personalize Wherever Possible

Use personalization to make communications more relevant:

  • Segment your email list based on past purchases and preferences.
  • Send targeted product recommendations based on purchase history.
  • Customize on-site messaging using segmentation and live post data.
  • Tailor ads displayed using demographic and interest data.

10. Offer Exclusive Perks

Provide VIP-only perks to make loyal customers feel valued:

  • Give free expedited shipping for top tier loyalty members.
  • Offer first dibs on limited inventory products.
  • Provide exclusive coupon codes and flash deal access.
  • Send appreciation gifts or cards to repeat buyers.

11. Highlight Social Proof

Sprinkle customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings across your site and ads to provide social proof:

  • Add reviews, ratings, and trust badges prominently on product pages.
  • Create Instagram Stories and posts showcasing happy customer photos.
  • Share customer reviews and success stories onsite and in emails.
  • Ask satisfied customers to tweet or post reviews during the sale.

12. Go Live on Social

Use live video streams to offer flash deals, product demos, or behind-the-scenes footage:

  • Show exclusive deals available for app users only.
  • Offer limited-time discounts for viewers.
  • Provide real-time video demos and tutorials of new products.
  • Give live updates from your warehouse on Black Friday orders.

13. Send Last Chance Reminders

Right before your sale ends, remind shoppers of their final chance to get discounts:

  • Email subscribers who browsed but haven’t purchased yet.
  • Retarget online visitors with final day ads.
  • Post urgent social media reminders of expiring deals.
  • Show “Last chance for xx% off!” banners/popups on site.

14. Promote Cyber Monday

Keep momentum going into Cyber Monday with fresh deals and offers:

Send dedicated Cyber Monday emails with new discounts.

Offer additional savings like free shipping on all orders.

Post teasers and reminders across social channels.

Run limited-time cyber-themed flash sales.


With strategic marketing across multiple channels, you can break through the Black Friday clutter and maximize sales. Focus on providing genuine value through your promotions.

Be sure to analyze performance post-sale to identify your most effective tactics for future promotions.

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