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10 Business Grants For Women in UK

Women are the future! 

Are you a female entrepreneur or an aspiring businesswoman in the UK? Great news! There are numerous grants available to support your business journey. In this blog, we'll explore 15 incredible business grants for women in the UK that could give your e-commerce store the boost it needs. Let's dive in and discover these amazing opportunities!

1. Women in Innovation Awards

  • Overview: Innovate UK offers at least 20 Women in Innovation Awards annually.
  • Benefits: Each awardee receives a £50,000 grant plus a package of mentoring, coaching, and business support for a year-long project.
  • Application Period: Generally August to October, with winners announced towards the year-end.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to female founders, co-founders, or senior decision-makers in UK-based businesses. Applicants must demonstrate a clear vision for innovation in their respective fields.
  • Selection Process: Applications are reviewed by a panel of industry experts and innovators. The selection is based on the innovation's potential impact, scalability, and the applicant's leadership qualities.
  • Areas of Focus: The awards are open to innovations across all sectors, but there is a particular interest in projects contributing to societal challenges, sustainability, and technological advancement.
  • Networking Opportunities: Awardees gain access to exclusive networking events with other innovators, industry leaders, and potential investors.
  • Publicity and Recognition: Winners receive media coverage and recognition, enhancing their profile and the visibility of their innovation.
  • Success Stories: Highlighting past winners and their achievements can inspire new applicants and demonstrate the impact of the award.
  • Future Support: Beyond the initial year, awardees may receive opportunities for ongoing support and potential funding to further their projects.

 2. HATCH Support Programmes

  • Focus: Aimed at female founders looking to grow or scale their businesses.
  • Programmes: Includes the Hatch Accelerator Programme, offering business coaching and mentoring to grow female-led businesses 10x over 10 years. Graduates can apply for up to £1,000 funding.
  • Target Audience: Specifically designed for women entrepreneurs at various stages of their business journey, whether they are in the early stages, looking to pivot, or ready to scale up.
  • Workshop and Training Sessions: The programme includes a series of workshops covering topics like business strategy, marketing, financial planning, and leadership skills.
  • Networking Events: Participants have opportunities to attend events where they can connect with other female entrepreneurs, industry experts, and potential investors.
  • Access to Resources: Participants gain access to a wide range of resources including market research tools, legal advice, and technology support to facilitate business growth.
  • Personalized Support: Each participant receives tailored advice and guidance to address the unique challenges and opportunities of their business.
  • Community Building: HATCH emphasizes building a supportive community of female entrepreneurs, encouraging collaboration, peer learning, and mutual support.
  • Duration: The programmes typically run for a fixed period, such as several months, providing an intensive growth experience.
  • Success Measurement: The program tracks key success metrics for participants, including revenue growth, job creation, and market expansion.
  • Alumni Network: Graduates become part of an alumni network, providing long-term support and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: HATCH is committed to supporting women from diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented groups, to foster inclusive entrepreneurship.

3. Female Founders Fund (FFF)

  • Target: Early-stage, transformational technology companies founded by women.
  • Investment Range: Between £400,000 to £650,000, with 6-8 investments made annually.
  • Sector Focus: While the fund primarily invests in technology companies, it often targets sectors where female founders are underrepresented, such as fintech, health tech, consumer tech, and enterprise software.
  • Equity Stake: In exchange for investment, FFF typically takes an equity stake in the company, aligning its interests with the success of the startup.
  • Mentorship and Support: FFF provides more than just financial investment; it also offers mentorship, strategic advice, and access to a network of industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Portfolio Support: The fund actively supports its portfolio companies with business development, hiring, and follow-on fundraising.
  • Community and Networking: FFF fosters a community of female entrepreneurs, enabling founders to connect, share experiences, and collaborate on opportunities.
  • Criteria for Selection: The fund looks for companies with scalable business models, a strong market fit, and a clear path to profitability.
  • Impact and Diversity: FFF focuses on companies that have the potential for significant social or economic impact, and it champions diversity in the startup ecosystem.
  • Success Stories: Showcasing successful investments and exits can help illustrate the fund's track record and the kind of companies it seeks to invest in.
  • Global Reach: While the fund may have a regional focus, it often looks for companies with the potential for international expansion.
  • Application Process: Details on how to apply for funding, including submission deadlines, required documentation, and the selection timeline.

4. Astia

  • Eligibility: Women-led, diverse businesses.
  • Process: Lengthy application process through Astia Expert Sift™, providing connections and advice.
  • Scope of Services: Astia not only offers funding but also provides strategic guidance, executive coaching, and access to a global network of investors, advisors, and industry leaders.
  • Industry Focus: Astia supports businesses across various sectors, including technology, healthcare, consumer products, and clean tech, among others.
  • Global Presence: With a global network, Astia connects entrepreneurs with resources and experts around the world, facilitating cross-border connections and opportunities.
  • Investment Size: Astia typically invests in different stages of a company's growth, with investments ranging from early seed rounds to later-stage funding.
  • Expert Network: Astia has a network of industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and investors who actively participate in mentoring and supporting the selected businesses.
  • Community and Events: Astia organizes events, webinars, and workshops that provide educational resources and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs.
  • Astia Expert Sift™: This unique process not only evaluates the business but also provides constructive feedback, helping entrepreneurs refine their business models and strategies.
  • Success Metrics: Astia tracks the success of its investments and the growth of the businesses it supports, focusing on metrics like job creation, revenue growth, and market impact.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: While focusing on women-led businesses, Astia also emphasizes the importance of a diverse team and inclusive business practices.
  • Post-Investment Support: After investment, Astia continues to support companies with additional resources, networking opportunities, and potential follow-on investments.

5. Abie Awards

  • Organiser: Anita Borg Institute.
  • Categories: Various, including the ‘Pass it On’ awards for women in coding.
  • Prize: Cash prizes up to $50,000 (£37,000), plus an expenses-paid trip to the awards ceremony in the US.
  • Recognition: The Abie Awards recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in technology, acknowledging their contributions to innovation and the advancement of technology.
  • History and Legacy: Named after computer scientist Anita Borg, the awards honor her legacy in advocating for women in technology and promoting diversity in the tech field.
  • Award Criteria: Candidates are evaluated based on their technical contributions, their advocacy for women in technology, and their commitment to mentorship and education.
  • Nomination Process: Individuals can be nominated by peers, colleagues, or even self-nominate for various categories of the awards.
  • International Reach: While the ceremony is held in the US, the awards have a global reach, recognizing women in technology from around the world.
  • Networking Opportunities: The awards ceremony provides a platform for recipients to network with leaders in the tech industry and connect with other like-minded professionals.
  • Role Models: The awards spotlight role models for aspiring women in technology, showcasing successful career paths and inspiring future generations.
  • Expansion of Categories: Over the years, the award categories have expanded to include areas such as technology entrepreneurship, social impact, and educational innovation.
  • Mentorship and Community: Recipients often engage in mentorship and community activities, fostering a supportive environment for women in the tech industry.
  • Media Coverage and Publicity: Winners receive media attention, highlighting their achievements and bringing greater visibility to their work and contributions to the tech field.

6. Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

Focus: Enterprises with strong social or environmental impact.

Prizes: Up to US $100,000 for first place, $60,000 for second, and $30,000 for third.

7. Diamond Education Grant

Aim: For women returning to work following an employment break.

Support: Helps with course fees, books, and equipment.

8. Global Fund for Women

Focus: Enterprises advancing gender justice.

Grants: Flexible cash grants to cover operating expenses, including crisis grants for climate and natural disasters.

9. Hatch Enterprise

Programmes: The Launchpad, Incubator and Southwark Pioneers Fund Accelerator.

Grants: Up to £1,000 for New Founder Programme graduates, and up to £5,000 for New Founder Incubator Programme graduates.

10. Small Business UK’s Women in Innovation Award

Eligibility: Female founders, co-founders, or senior decision-makers in businesses operating for at least a year.

Award: £50,000 grant with coaching, mentoring, and business support.


Boosting the role of women in the business sector is essential, and these grants play a pivotal role in creating a more equitable landscape. For those embarking on a new venture or aiming to expand an existing online store, these grants offer vital financial aid and resources to flourish. It's essential to keep abreast of the constantly changing e-commerce environment and seize these valuable opportunities for growth and success.

For more insights and support for your e-commerce journey, visit [Shopline UK] We're here to help you launch and grow your online store with ease!

FAQs on Business Grants for Women in the UK

 1. What are the Women in Innovation Awards?

   The Women in Innovation Awards are annual grants offered by Innovate UK to at least 20 female entrepreneurs, each receiving £50,000 and a package of business support.

 2. Who can apply for the Female Founders Fund?

   Female entrepreneurs with early-stage technology companies can apply. The fund makes 6-8 investments annually, ranging from £400,000 to £650,000.

 3. What does the Astia grant offer?

   Astia offers investment to women-led, diverse businesses, focusing on companies beyond the concept stage and showing market validation.

 4. Are there grants available for women in technology?

   Yes, the Abie Awards by Anita Borg Institute and Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards focus on women in technology and offer cash prizes and support.

 5. Can women returning to work apply for grants?

   The Diamond Education Grant specifically supports women returning to work, helping with course fees, books, and equipment.

 6. What kind of enterprises does the Global Fund for Women support?

   This fund supports enterprises focusing on gender justice and offers flexible cash grants for operational expenses and crisis response.

 7. How can Hatch Enterprise help female entrepreneurs?

   Hatch Enterprise offers programmes like The Launchpad and Incubator, with grants up to £5,000 for business growth and development.

 8. Are these grants available internationally?

   Some grants, like the Cartier Women’s Initiative and Female Founders Fund, are open worldwide, including the UK.

 9. How can I stay updated on new grants for women in the UK?

   Regularly check relevant websites and subscribe to newsletters from organisations like Innovate UK and Shopline UK for the latest information.

 10. How does one apply for these grants?

   Application processes vary by grant. Visit the respective websites for detailed guidelines and submission deadlines.

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