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How to Run Facebook Ads: Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook advertising is a powerful way for e-commerce brands to attract new customers and boost sales. With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers massive reach when ads are done effectively.

Step By Step Process to Run Facebook Ads

This step-by-step guide will help you set up optimized Facebook ads from account setup to campaign creation. Follow these best practices to improve results from social ads:

Step 1: Set Up Your Facebook Business Manager Account

Creating a Facebook Business Manager account separates your personal and business presence on the platform. Go to, click “Get Started,” and select “Create a Facebook Business Manager.”

Step 2: Create Your Campaign Objectives

Facebook supports over 10 campaign objectives like traffic, engagement, conversions, store visits and more. Carefully define your goals such as increasing website visits or growing email list size.

Step 3: Build Your Audiences

You can target ads based on location, demographics, interests and behaviors. Build narrow interest-based audiences for maximum relevance. Consider lookalike audiences to reach new potential customers.

Step 4: Design Your Ad Creative

Craft compelling visuals that clearly communicate your offer along with engaging copy. Be specific about the call-to-action such as "Shop Now." Test multiple ad creations.

Step 5: Develop Your Ad Copy

Use benefit-driven language addressing customer pain points. Keep copy concise at 1-2 sentences maximum. Employ persuasive words proven to improve click-through rates on Facebook ads.

Step 6: Set Your Budget and Schedule

Facebook recommends a minimum £5-10 budget split testing multiple ad sets. Schedule ads during peak user activity hours or when your target audience is online most.

Step 7: Select Your Bidding and Pricing

Facebook recommends automatic placement bidding. Consider bid adjustments based on desired ads frequency and budget. Monitor ad costs closely for maximum ROI.

Step 8: Analyze Your Results and Optimize

Facebook provides insights into impressions, spend, clicks and other metrics. Regularly check ad stats to identify underperforming creatives or targets. Refine audiences, copy, images based on engagement data.

You are now done with the basics. But, constant growth is the name of the game. And growth comes with insights. 

Additional Steps to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your FB Ads

Here are a few additional measures you can take, to ensure you leverage the max out of your FB ads! 

Retarget Website Traffic with Remarketing Lists

Remarketing shows your ads to people who visited your website but didn't convert. Add Facebook Pixel code to your site to build remarketing lists automatically. This boosts purchase rates.

Leverage Lookalike Audiences

Explore “Create Lookalike Audience” to reach new customers resembling your best performing custom audiences. Facebook matches similarities across billions of data points to surface related prospects.

Cross-Promote with Instagram Ads

Leverage the Facebook Ad network to run parallel campaigns on Instagram by duplicating your ad sets. This expands outreach to Instagram's 1 billion active users and improves sales potential.

Try Store Visits Campaign Objective

Target people near your physical stores. Track foot traffic increases with the "Store Visits" campaign objective to measure real-world ad impact through location data.

Nurture Leads with Messenger

Use Messenger ads to start personalised one-to-one conversations that build your brand and encourage future purchases. Automate lead qualifying with tools like Chatfuel.

Integrate Facebook Pixel

Place the pixel code on every page to track actions like page views, add-to-cart and purchases. Facebook uses this data to refine targeting and measure true conversions from ads.

Consider Dynamic Ads Options

Automatically generate Facebook ads using your website or catalogue content like products and categories. Dynamic ads scale with your business by constantly updating based on stock levels and new items.

Monitor Performance with Shopline Analytics

Get comprehensive insights into your Facebook ad spending and results in one dashboard. Shopline's analytics hub measures social ads ROI to optimize campaigns efficiently over time.

Access Facebook Blueprint Courses

Facebook's free online courses teach advanced tactics to master Facebook advertising. Constant learning keeps strategies fresh as platforms and algorithms evolve.

Following this systematic process will help you harness the full power of Facebook for growing your ecommerce brand through highly targeted, optimized ads. Monitor results closely and be ready to refine campaigns based on performance data. With practice and testing, social media advertising can become a major driver of qualified traffic and sales.

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