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How to Use Pinterest for E-commerce in 2023?

With over 400 million highly engaged monthly users, Pinterest offers immense potential for eCommerce businesses aiming to expand their reach and drive tangible results. The highly visual platform presents the perfect playground for brands to showcase their products and authentically connect with prospective customers creatively.

For online retailers looking to boost website traffic, increase sales, and build greater brand awareness, Pinterest provides a tremendously powerful marketing channel. The combination of Pinterest's massive scale, along with the high commercial intent of its user base, creates a unique opportunity to get your products in front of millions of potential new customers.

Promoting your eCommerce business effectively on Pinterest can pay dividends through amplified exposure and discovery by motivated shoppers actively browsing the platform. Retail brands that tap into Pinterest's visual storytelling capabilities and develop an impactful presence on the channel are primed for success in promoting their products and accelerating their e-commerce growth.

This guide covers proven Pinterest marketing strategies for eCommerce success in 2023:

Benefits of Pinterest for eCommerce

Let’s start by looking at why Pinterest is so effective for eCommerce brands:

  • High buyer intent - Users expressly look for products to purchase on Pinterest. Over 80% use it when shopping online.

  • Visual nature - Image and video-focused platform ideal for showcasing products visually.

  • Product discoverability - Allows users to find products they’re looking for easily.

  • SEO value - Pins can drive referral traffic from search engines.

  • Shoppable pins - Enable direct checkout and sales from Pinterest.

  • Audience targeting - Reach specific demographics like women shoppers.

  • Influencer marketing - Collaborate with content creators in your niche.

Pinterest is the top social media platform for product discovery, with over 80% of weekly pinners saying they use it when shopping online. The highly visual nature makes it easy to showcase products attractively. Users actively browse Pinterest looking for items to purchase, making it a perfect environment for eCommerce brands.

How to Optimize Your Business Pinterest Profile

Follow these tips to create a high-converting brand profile on Pinterest:

  • Complete profile - Add brand images, bio, website link, and contact info.

  • Consistent branding - Maintain visual brand identity in images and text.

  • Themed boards - Curate boards by product category, style, collection, etc.

  • Engaging pins - Use eye-catching visuals, great captions, and calls to action.

  • Pin frequency - Share multiple new pins daily to keep your brand top of mind.

  • Shoppable pins - Enable purchase capabilities directly on pins.

  • Video pins - Leverage the power of product videos.

  • User-generated content - Repin and collaborate with customers and influencers.

  • Analytics - Track engagement, impressions, and your top-performing content.

Building out a professional, eye-catching Pinterest profile establishes your brand's presence. Consistency in visuals, messaging, and content themes makes you easily recognizable and discoverable to users browsing the platform.

How to Create Shoppable Pins

Shoppable pins enable a seamless click-to-purchase experience:

  • Link pins to products - Include URLs in pin descriptions that go directly to product pages.

  • Buyable pins - Works with eCommerce platforms to add “Buy it” buttons to pins.

  • Product tags - Users can easily tag your products in their own pins.

  • Promote pins - Run ads and encourage repins of shoppable pins to boost visibility.

Shoppable pins take advantage of the native shopping capabilities on Pinterest. By embedding purchase links, buy buttons, and product tags, you can enable users to check out items they discover quickly.

Running Pinterest Ads for eCommerce

Pinterest ads extend your reach and traffic considerably. Best practices include:

  • Promoted pins to boost high-performing organic pins.

  • Targeting options by interest, gender, and location.

  • Lookalike audiences to find similar potential customers.

  • Conversion optimization like dynamic retargeting ads.

  • Testing different images, copies, and calls to action.

  • Analytics to identify best-converting ads

Pinterest's range of highly targeted, visually focused ad formats provides e-commerce brands with immense opportunities to connect with potential new customers. Start with promoted pins and expand to more advanced tactics over time.

Using Pinterest Analytics

Key metrics to track for improving eCommerce performance:

  • Impressions - Monitor overall reach and growth.

  • Engagements - Identify your most engaging pin content.

  • Link clicks - See pins driving the most site clicks.

  • Audience - Review age, gender, and locations to inform strategy.

  • Earned media - Track repins and shares for influencer ideas.

  • Product tags - See which products get tagged often.

  • Ad analytics - Review campaign costs, CTR, and conversion rates.

Regularly analyzing your Pinterest analytics provides data-driven insights to refine your approach. Identify high-performing content as well as underutilized opportunities.

Driving Traffic and Sales with Pinterest

Some proven techniques to boost site traffic and revenue with Pinterest include:

  • Website link in bio - Drive profile visitors to your online store.

  • SEO keywords - Optimize pins with keywords for discoverability.

  • Niche targeting - Tailor content to specific audience interests.

  • Partnerships - Collaborate with aligned brands and influencers.

  • Shopping campaigns - Take part in seasonal shopping spotlight events.

  • Affiliate pins - Work with content creators in your industry.

  • Cross-promote - Showcase pins across other channels.

Leverage a combination of organic and paid strategies on Pinterest to maximize reach and drive measurable business results. Focus on driving traffic to your online store and converting profile visitors into customers.

Pinterest Tools to Manage Your Presence

Tailwind for scheduling pins, managing groups and tracking analytics.

Planoly for visual planning and publishing pins in bulk.

Later, for auto-scheduling pins and analyzing performance.

SocialBook for managing multiple Pinterest accounts.

Canva to design beautiful, on-brand pins.

A variety of helpful tools are available to streamline managing your Pinterest presence. The right tools save time and make it easy to scale your efforts.

Key Takeaways

The visual nature of Pinterest presents a massive opportunity for eCommerce brands to highlight their products creatively and authentically.

Leverage tactics like shoppable pins, promotions, and influencer partnerships to achieve Pinterest marketing success. Use data to refine your approach for maximum ROI.

Focus on providing value to users through gorgeous visual storytelling and simplified shopping experiences. Build a robust Pinterest presence to grow your customer base in 2023!

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