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In The Style appoints SHOPLINE to launch modern commerce store

We are proud to announce a pioneering partnership with In The STYLE, a prominent womenswear fashion brand that has successfully migrated its ecommerce operations to SHOPLINE. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the burgeoning omnichannel apparel industry, where technology and style converge to create a seamless shopping experience for customers worldwide.

In The Style sells design-led fashion and differentiates itself through long-term collaborations with influencers and celebrities who co-create and promote clothing and accessory collections. Their products are available in over 100 countries via online commerce channels and select digital retail partners. The brand aims to redefine women's fashion; by promoting female empowerment, inclusivity, body positivity, and real beauty, offering a wide range of styles and trends in celebrity, core, and curve collections with frequent new additions.

SHOPLINE stands as one of Asia's largest and most rapidly expanding providers of modern commerce, providing a comprehensive array of native technologies, resources, and partnerships, empowering merchants for success. With SHOPLINE, brands and retailers harness the power of omnichannel solutions encompassing ecommerce, social commerce, and point-of-sale, enabling them to effectively market and sell their products and services with an unparalleled customer experience.

The relaunch of In The Style’s omnichannel presence provides a more intuitive and user-friendly shopping interface, regardless of geographical location or sales channel, making it easier for customers to browse and purchase their favourite fashion pieces.  The CEO of Baaj Capital, Jas Singh, with substantial interests and ownership in both physical and pureplay retail, collectively generating a turnover exceeding half a billion pounds and employing over 3,000 individuals, conducted a thorough search for a new platform and tech provider. 

Jas Singh, said; “Following this search, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of SHOPLINE for our modern commerce strategy. Their integrated approach and profound expertise in the retail industry, coupled with a straightforward problem-solving approach, will propel us into the next phase of our growth strategy. During their time with the In The Style team, they demonstrated a real commitment to a customer-centric approach working closely with the team to deliver excellent and timely results, they will extend their support across our entire portfolio, enabling us to harness the potential of all our brands and transform into a significant marketplace.”  

The appointment of SHOPLINE by In The Style represents a harmonious synergy of innovation, raising the bar for ecommerce excellence within the fashion industry. "In The Style's decision to migrate to SHOPLINE is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our modern commerce solution," said Deepak Anand, General Manager of SHOPLINE. "We are incredibly honoured and delighted to partner with a brand as forward thinking as In The Style and we are confident that our technology will help them achieve new heights. Our partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to provide a world-class shopping experience that redefines the digital retail landscape.”

The SHOPLINE team recognises the massive opportunity for disruptive change in the ecommerce market and has developed a culture of listening and excellence to embrace this change. Strategic Partners eBusiness Guru and Patchworks optimised SHOPLINE’s open infrastructure and comprehensive native feature set to provide a unique and inclusive shopping experience. The relaunch of In The Style is another step towards reshaping the future of retail, with seamless multichannel management, harmonising every interaction point from online to offline, offering a unified retail solution.

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