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Exploring Modern SaaS and Rising Customer Expectation Headlines at IRX

The Shopline UK team was immensely honoured to connect with so many industry experts at what proved to be a thriving IRX. In person events are well and truly back! The bustling exhibition hall provided an ideal setting for catching up with the very latest up-to-the-minute news on this year’s most exciting ecommerce developments, directly from the change makers themselves. An enviable speaker line-up included our very own Deepak Anand who sat down with Ben Muir from Unsociable for an immersive session on mastering social commerce to unleash the power of multi-channel ecommerce and live selling. Modern SaaS became a common thread as an enabler during workshops and roundtables as participants looked to solutions that were truly native to their ecommerce platforms. 

The fabulous Chloë Thomas, founder of eCommerce MasterPlan hosted a packed workshop (standing room only) and spoke with industry experts James Simpson, CEO at In The Style, and David Meakin, Head of Partnerships & Solution Engineering at Shopline in a thought-provoking discussion to empower the change needed to embrace modern commerce. David and James fielded quick fire questions from the audience during a riveting Q&A to discuss SHOPLINE’S approach to helping merchants navigate a rapidly evolving ecommerce landscape that can accommodate the uncompromising expectations of shoppers while maintaining margins and cost of ownership. 

Keynotes and sessions included trailblazers such as Warne, CIO of River Island with a session on keeping pace to withstand current economic conditions with an emphasis on technology, team building and collaboration with senior management. Fireside chats included Gymshark’s Global Marketing Director Carly O’Brien who urged sellers to prioritise the understanding of their customers as a starting point. Mario Tarantino, Head of eCommerce from Huel echoed similar values when telling the audience that “Make customers happy” is written in large letters on their reception wall. Michelle Kearns, IT Director from omnichannel retail giant Boots shared crucial insights on integrating and customising platforms to create the perfect customer experience.

With a prevalent theme of rising customer expectations and an understanding on how to keep in-step with constant change, brands, retailers and vendors alike are using forums like IRX as an opportunity to educate themselves and their peers on the hard-won lessons learnt by attendees and exhibitors. The SHOPLINE UK exhibition stall was a vibrant hub of best in class ecommerce knowledge exchange with the full team engaged with merchants throughout. Take aways included the clearly apparent need for SaaS competitors to come into this space with a cost effective solution that can scale efficiently into a new era of selling online. Our cross border credentials together with enterprise level out-the-box functionality, such as social commerce and search were of great interest and we look forward to carrying on the conversation.

Existing pain points have been scrutinised and solved in recent times using modern SaaS, an agile, modular technology with functionality such as in-app purchases, shoppable social media posts and mobile wallet integration made possible without updating an entire monolithic code base. Bringing these innovations to market in good time is essential as user tolerance decreases rapidly after experiencing a better service elsewhere. This can be seen with a decline in brand loyalty recently compounded by inflation and the increased cost of living. While customers will jump ship for a better deal a recent Ipsos Consumer Continuous, UK survey commissioned by Google shows that consumers are looking for more than a bargain with an average of 73% of consumers saying they are willing to continue buying from companies that increase their prices if they feel valued as a customer. 

With so much to think about SHOPLINE UK will be releasing a whitepaper as a follow-up which we would love to share with you to carry on the many discussions we had during the event. We’d also like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to the event organisers and everyone who attended making this an awesome IRX which we are sure will be one to remember. If you didn’t have the chance to visit our stall, please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about how we can help your business to sell online.

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