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Work Smarter, Market More Effectively with SHOPLINE's Automations

Streamline processes with ready-to-use templates

Simplify workflows with ready-made templates


Seamlessly oversee product availability with automated publishing and unpublishing based on stock levels.


Enhance efficiency in communication and fulfillment by setting up automated supplier alerts for specific order items.


Improve tracking and management of customers with automatic "Repurchase" labels for returning clients.

Refine Your Marketing with Automation

  • Effortlessly craft marketing tasks with a few clicks

    Develop professional marketing materials using SHOPLINE's intelligent editor and bespoke templates. Boost your content with new product launches, trending lists, seasonal promotions, and more!

  • Transform Your Sales Strategy with a Full Suite of Automation Tools

    Boost sales using our comprehensive automation tools spanning the entire customer lifecycle. Employ welcome emails, abandoned order reminders, and re-engagement strategies for inactive customers to stimulate growth.

  • Target Customers More Precisely with Up-to-the-Minute Customer Data

    Target your customer segments more effectively with real-time data updates, multi-faceted tags, and detailed customer profiles.

Optimize your marketing efforts using automation

Obtain valuable insights to enhance your automation strategies

Track the performance of your automations with dashboard overview

Monitor your automation's performance with a dashboard overview

Tailor your marketing workflows to engage with your customers at each stage of their journey and spur business expansion.

Automate workflows

Automate workflows

Efficiently manage your business operations with our workflow automation tool. Choose from pre-set templates for product management, customer engagement, and inventory oversight. Adapt them as needed for an optimal solution.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation

Elevate sales and engagement with our adaptable templates. Keep tabs on email/SMS subscribers and sales performance, and receive expert advice for improving template effectiveness, increasing open rates, and avoiding spam.

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