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Link your preferred channels to SHOPLINE for harmonised data and customer synchronisation.

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Start selling everywhere

SHOPLINE allows you to sell beyond your online shop.

SHOPLINE lets you sell beyond your webstore.

Multiple channels Integration

Link social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others.

Sell live and connect to social media

Customers can effortlessly make orders during and after a livestream using keyword comments.

Combine multiple short links

Share product links and promotional codes with your customers to enhance conversion rates.

Set up interactive campaigns

Establish captivating live streaming events featuring a rewards system to engage viewers and drive sales growth.

Centralized messaging

Centralized communication

Centralized communication

Efficiently handle messages from various channels within a single platform.

Automate inquires and replies

Automate enquiries and responses

Allocate discussions to your team members and configure automated response messages to enhance the efficiency of handling inquiries.

Synchronize customer profiles and orders

Sync customer profiles and orders

Access customer information and order history across various platforms.

Custom product catalogs

Custom product catalogs

Send pre-defined product catalogues to enhance customer decision-making and boost conversion rates.

SHOPLINE Real-time livestream dashboard

Live stream dashboard in real-time

  • Track orders and payments

    Obtain insights into your real-time sales and live stream performance both during and after the live stream event.

  • View and respond to messages all on a single page

    Obtain an immediate snapshot of incoming messages and respond directly through our message dashboard without the need to switch to social platforms.

  • Identify top-selling products and monitor stock levels

    Monitor popular products and keep an eye on your current stock levels.

  • Broadcast payment reminders

    Send broadcast messages after the live stream to remind customers to check out and make payments.

3-day setup

3-steps setup

From setup to uploading, begin your livestream selling journey with the support of our onboarding experts.

Self-help guides

Self-help guides

Utilise our clear, step-by-step FAQs for feature setup and access further training through our online support centre.

Support when it matters

We are here for you

Our Merchant Success Team is prepared to respond to your inquiries via live chat, telephone calls, and email, assisting you in boosting your sales.

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1. What is the difference between SHOPLINE Social Commerce and other livestreaming platforms?

SHOPLINE Social Commerce unifies your online store and livestream selling, synchronizing products and customer information across all channels. This provides a seamless shopping experience for your customers no matter where they are. Our Message Center also provides a centralized communication platform where you can view and reply to messages from multiple sources, be it your website or social channels.

2. How do I sell products during a livestream?

Simply assign short keywords to your products and add them to the livestream room. Broadcast these keywords to your customers during the livestream so they can place orders through keyword comments. Our system will automatically capture all comments and group the products into a single order, allowing customers to check out all at once at the end of your livestream.

3. How do I get started?

Create a SHOPLINE account here.
For more resources and information, visit our Help Center.