Ecommerce Point of Sales Solution

Expand your retail shop with our robust, integrated, and user-friendly POS system.

SHOPLINE POS: The Ultimate Sales Solution

Sell any time, anywhere

SHOPLINE assists you in selling face-to-face, online, and via social media in the UK.

Sell any time, anywhere

Rapid checkout on portable POS

Significantly reduce queuing times to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

Sell in person and online with ease

Utilise retail, online, Facebook, Instagram, and other sales channels.


Enhanced performance that bolsters productivity at a lesser cost than conventional POS systems.

Comprehensive payment tools

Integrate a variety of payment methods to suit your requirements.

Simple inventory management

Manage stock across various shops using inventory alerts and forecasts, and simplify repeat purchases.

Real-time inventory synchronization

Real-time stock synchronisation

Share stock across your high-street and online shops to seize every sales opportunity.

Timely inventory replenishment

Timely inventory replenishment

Never miss a sale with the clever stock reorder alert.

Easy stock transfer across stores

Easy stock transfer across stores

Transfer your stock across various locations in real-time.

Mobile stock count

Mobile stock count

Scan and cross-reference inventory with your records on your device.

Nurture customer loyalty

Automate your loyalty schemes with tools crafted for busy shopkeepers.

Customer profile creation

Automatically save customer's contact and transaction details.

Target top spenders

Retrieve and analyse customers' previous orders and purchases.

Reengage past customers

Reward customers with points automatically.

Integrated loyalty programs

Set up in-shop and online membership advantages.

Nurture customer loyalty
Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics

  • Generate sales and profit reports

    Access real-time sales analytics and shop performance data.

  • Identify top sellers

    Monitor the products most favoured by customers.

  • Track daily collections

    Conduct daily cash reconciliations and keep abreast of your financial affairs.

  • Reward top employees

    Monitor team performance and pinpoint your forthcoming star employee.

3-day setup

3-day setup

Our induction expert will assist you in uploading products and setting up the POS system to get your shop operational in no time.

On-site training

On-site training

We offer on-site training for your team to optimise sales potential with minimal fuss. Receive further training through our online support centre.

Timely support

Timely support

Reach out to our trader support team round the clock through live chat, telephone, or email.

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1. What is the difference between SHOPLINE POS and other POS systems?

SHOPLINE POS combines your brick-and-mortar and online stores, seamlessly integrating your website, social media, messaging app and point-of-sale devices. In addition to the daily cashiering and inventory management tasks, our solution allows you to synchronize stock across all your sales channels, provides a smooth shopping experience for your customers, and unlocks your omnichannel capabilities such as in-store pick-up, local delivery, home delivery and email shopping carts.

2. How do I know if this is the POS system for me?

A great POS system should be easy-to-use, fit your business model, and allow you to sell to any customer wherever they are, online or offline. Ask for a demo to find out more.

3. Why is SHOPLINE POS the right choice for you?

We offer free order processing, apps and e-commerce integrations, making it ideal for omnichannel businesses, or for those on a budget.