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How SHOPLINE can assist you in growing your business

How SHOPLINE can help you scale your business


Spend less and sell more on social channels.

Centralized communication

Manage chats and orders all in one place.

Chat automation

Provides a smooth shopping experience for your customers through automatic keyword responses and conversation allocations.

Instant order capture

Place orders during live broadcasts and on social posts using keyword remarks.

Features of Social Commerce


Manage all your online shop and social channel messages within our single Message Centre without toggling between pages or devices.

Channel Integrations

Link your social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram for centralised conversation management.

Customer Management

Combine customer profiles and synchronise order details across various platforms for consolidated customer data.

Checkout Links

Generate orders, include products, and forward checkout links to your customers to ensure a smoother checkout procedure.

Chatbot Automation

Allocate conversations and intelligent responses to address customer queries using automation.

Product Catalog

Dispatch pre-set product catalogues to hasten customer conversions, from decision-making, adding to basket, to finalising purchase.

Voice Messages

Accept voice messages from various channels via our Message Centre for swifter and more accurate communication.


Enhance brand genuineness and nurture a closer customer rapport by selling live on social platforms.

Multi-channel Sales

Initiate live sales on Facebook and Instagram by linking to your social pages or launching a livestream directly through SHOPLINE.


Broadcast live alongside partners or affiliates and share livestream events over various pages to grasp sales from diverse audience groups.

Comment Selling

Allocate keywords to products and prompt customers to order simply by commenting "Keyword+1".

Lock Inventory

Reserve stock for a short period during a livestream, allowing customers to immediately set aside items, continue shopping, and complete their purchase later.

Promotional Campaigns

Utilise games and rewards to amplify customer engagement and enhance traffic.

Performance Dashboard

Experience a smooth livestream journey, overseeing your stream's progress, adding products, and handling customer dialogues all on one page.

Post Sales

Transform your social posts into sales tools using the comment-selling feature, ensuring sustained sales even when offline.

Comment Label Printing

Produce labels from customer comments, ensuring accurate order packing and flawless delivery.


Broaden your outreach by amalgamating varied channels to refine the customer shopping journey.


Link your Facebook Business Extension and automatically update your product list for optimal advertising and campaign handling.


Activate a shoppable Instagram, displaying and trading your products directly on Instagram Shops.


Through our WhatsApp Business API integration, multiple teams can view the same chat without repeating conversations with each customer.


Convert chats to sales by presenting product catalogues and discount codes directly to your patrons.

Live Chat

Introduce a social live chat widget on your site and stay in touch with customers via our unified messaging system, even post-visit.


Combine all your social profiles into Linkiee and align your products to begin trading beyond your site.

Connect Social Profiles

Design a distinct link and incorporate your social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Email, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, Amazon, Shopee, and Lazada.

Versatile Content Modules

Fashion your page with varied content such as images, videos, forms, and more.

Page Customization

Elevate your branding by adding a personal flair, uploading your logo, and crafting a distinctive page theme.

Product Selling

Automatically coordinate and trade your SHOPLINE items through Linkiee.

Affiliate Link

Optimise your income with a commission-driven sales model, connecting to a myriad of prominent brands.

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